C.S.I Egypt has grown immensely in the past years with different open architecture platforms and is seamlessly becoming part of the big security system; therefore, the next logical step here is System Integration. The System Integrators must realize how important it is to link together different computing systems and software applications to have a flawless integrated system. Especially when different components are involved… As such, it is needless to stress the importance of a fully Integrated VMS with
Access Control (ACS) and analytics this is why CSI has introduced Bosch Security System the premium Access Control. The Software integration provides users with the ability to control doors and locks directly. Door controls can be associated with cameras using AMS Software. This integration puts the most needed access control commands at the operator’s fingertips to vastly improve response time to critical alarms and events. And this, employing the most optimal method of unifying this whole system in a way to obtain the best of each feature components also our R&D work in 1,000 Studies yearly to Develop and meet our customer’s Satisfaction we also Specialized in industrial and commercial Application. We are not the best but we are trying to add an extra mile to meet Customer Expectations.